Modified R4YSauto with DSTT 1.17a07

  1. denieru7
    This is the new, edited R4YSauto with the new unnofficial loaders and fixed to contain ALL necessary files for R4s. Thanks to Maikel Steneker for r4YSauto, Depravo for editing it and the hackers who created the unofficial loaders.INSTRUCTIONS:1) Download the file and extract it. It contains a folder called r4ysauto.2) Go to, hit control+F and search for "T_T" without the quotation marks. Download this file: 2009/03/27 00:00:EZ3in1+ NOR. DO NOT download any other file.3) Place inside the folder r4ysauto, so that it is in the same folder as r4.bat and the other files.4) Run r4.bat and follow the instructions.