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XY-Mini (hereby called XYM) is a Virtual Machine Environment that can be emulated on any number of systems and platforms. XYM Binary Code is designed to be executed in a platform-agnostic manner. Variable-Length instructions support a fundamentally 16-bit architecture with a 64 K-Byte limit. The XYM Specification includes the basic Assembler structure and syntax.XYDS is a XY-MINI emulator running on Nintendo DS.==========Xyds: XYMTOOL: To use XYMTOOL to patch a .nds or .ds.gba or .sc.nds file: xymtool -f xymfilename -p xyds dsfilename XYMTOOL includes source-code. It also includes TILEMAKR and MAPMAKER, which are used to create tile sets and maps for XY-MINI (monochrome tile mode only). 8ted can also be used to create tile sets for XY-MINI (but TILEMAKR has a few features that 8ted doesn't have). If you want to use XYMTOOL on a operating system that isn't Windows, you have to compile it using FreeBASIC.The XYMTOOL package now includes a generalized assembly file for XY-MINI
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