Xbox One Windows and Linux Internal Hard Drive Partitioning Script 9.0

Create a true Xbox One 500GB, 1TB, or 2TB filesystem on ANY Xbox One OG, S or X Console

  1. Final iteration of version 9.0

    Improvements over 8.0:
    PowerShell replacement and feature equivalent to create_xbox_drive.bat 8.0 with improved multilingual support, removed dependence on external executables, cleaner code structure, improved logging, and drive size checks
    Added GUI form support
    See the full Change log
  2. Final iteration of version 8.0

    Improvements over 7.0:
    Supports systems with 10 or more attached drives
    Improved non-English language support
    See the full Change log
  3. Final iteration of version 7.0

    Improvements over 5.0:
    Added "Run as administrator" check
    "Direct Copy Upgrade" support
    "Backup and Restore Upgrade" support
    Allow selection of disk 0
    Warn drive size limitations and limit to 2TB "User Content"
    Logging and path improvements
    See the full Change log
  4. This is a test to see what happens when you upload an older version after a newer one

    Can't find any gbatemp.net documentation on this, update incoming.

    So you can re-upload older versions after already uploading newer ones.

    In my case I had uploaded versions 7.0 and 8.0 but I wanted to have 5.0 available for prosperity.
    To upload 5.0 but still have 8.0 as the latest download:
    1. Upload the 5.0 file as the 5.0 version
    2. Delete the 7.0 and 8.0 versions, you can only delete older versions not the current one which is why we do step 1
    3. Upload 7.0 next
    4. Finally...
  5. filetrip.net is closing down March 31st 2019

    As a result, I'm directing all future downloads here.
    Unfortunately, I don't think I can add older script versions without messing up the primary download link but I may try anyway.
    bootanim.dat files aren't allowed either since I don't own them.
    That said, for older script versions and bootanim.dat files use my Google Drive instead.


    1. filetrip.net.jpg
  6. Now supports systems with 10 or more attached drives and improved non-English language support

    Windows: create_xbox_drive.bat
    2018/11/13 - Removed Englishize Cmd v1.7a Usage (8.0) - XFiX
    2018/11/13 - Support systems with 10 or more attached drives (8.0) - XFiX

    Linux: create_xbox_drive.sh
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