Xbox One Windows and Linux Internal Hard Drive Partitioning Script 9.0

Create a true Xbox One 500GB, 1TB, or 2TB filesystem on ANY Xbox One OG, S or X Console

  1. TylerTheHanson
    Version: 8.0
    Awesome stuff, per usual. Do you think the Linux installs will work with a Mac, directly, or would a Linux OS be required?
    1. tai1976
      Author's Response
  2. ChrisKenobi
    Version: 7.0
    Works fine, thank you for your support !! Great discription and version history :-)
  3. vstar950
    Version: 7.0
    no good on 4tb drives or above. You do not get correct amount of space. on a 4 tb you only get 2tb usage.
    1. tai1976
      Author's Response
      This is on purpose, I'm adding a warning to script version 8.0.
      Xbox One internal drives have a 2TB limit that you cannot get around.
      This is a bug or feature by Microsoft's design.
      This is the video I made trying to fill a 5TB internal drive.
      Script version 7.0 and above max out at 1947GB for the "User Content" partition.
      Theoretically you can created a larger partition than this but you cannot use the additional space.