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Wizards GBA DEMO

This is my game. Which is neat. Play it. Sorry it only has a couple levels. Making levels is boring. Want to make some for me? Contact me: [email protected]:Left & Right - MoveA - JumpB - Use SpellSelect - Choose SpellSTART - Menu where you can set diffulculty, or save and load your game. (also you can cheat, you big cheater!)Spells:(red icon) Fireball uses 1 Red Power(yellow icon)Cloud spell uses 1 Yellow Power(blue icon) Rain spell uses 1 Blue Power- Gems give you magic Power. You get different amounts depending on diffulculty.- Normally, enemies take 5 fireballs to kill. May be less on easy modes.- Fireballs destroy bricks and solid bushes- Cloud spell lets you jump higher.- Use Rain spell on bushes with RED BERRIES to make them grow into platforms.Every 50 coins, you get a new song!!Secret Keys:L - show cpu usage (broken?)R - max speed


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