Wii + DVD v0.1

"Bring DVD support back to Disc Channel!"

  1. NewGBAXL
    There were two primary scrapped Wii features: DVD support, and Vitality Sensor.
    I would rather not buy an extremely expensive Vitality Sensor, reverse engineer it, mass produce a 3rd party one, and make a homebrew game for it. Maybe that will be done in the future if you are that motivated.

    DVD Support.

    (1) Wii + DVD.mym
    , this is a custom theme I made to enable the DVD .tpl and center it.
    Beta v0.1 is included.

    (2) CinePlayer CE
    , the playback software, probably in the form of a hidden Wii Channel (.wad)
    I am attempting to get an unreleased beta.

    (3) A Priiloader mod
    , required if CinePlayer CE doesn't include a fix to the banner and stuff.

    Here is the thread for the project!

    Crediting @AwesomeMario128 for a template .mym, note that my version of the theme was taken from Korean/Wii Mini/vWiis with both GameCube and DVD icons enabled. My theme is significantly different, I just used his theme to learn how to change .bylyts within .ash
    Change log:
    -- added Wii + DVD.mym theme