Weight IN SPACE! 1

Convert weights across planets, etc

  1. Ryccardo
    Software by Ryccardo

    My first and likely last android app, simply enter a weight (any arbitrary numerical unit is supported: kg, g, N, lb, oz, apples, elephants, bananas taped to a wall, ...) in the row corresponding to the celestial body on which that weight was measured, and get instant conversions for all the others!

    * American-style decimal numbers like ".36" are not supported - the app will crash if a non-number like "." is inserted at any time, use "0.36" instead

    • No spyware, no ads, no running in the background
    • Made in 5 hours
    • Follows the unix philosophy™
    • Still ridiculously bloated at 5 MB
    • Translated in: en, it
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