PS3 classic coldboot 1.0

Get back the classic "Sony Computer Entertainment" logo

  1. Ryccardo
    Mod created and originally discovered by sandungas of psx-place.com

    Compatible with most 4.30+ CFWs and even HFW (as only unsigned rco and audio files are involved)

    Extract these 3 files into {dev_blind, dev_rewrite, etc}/vsh/resource/ (overwriting the ones already present, and removing the now useless coldboot.raf from the same folder if desired), then reboot your console - there's no step 3!

    If you want to implement it yourself (because you want to keep other custom_render_plugin.rco mods), extract it with RcoMage (leaving PNG and WAV conversions disabled), then edit the XML to redirect anim_coldboot2 to anim_coldboot as follows:
    <Animation name="anim_coldboot2">
    	<FireEvent object="anim:anim_coldboot" />
    then replace Images/tex_scelogo.gim with a pre-4.80 one ("Sony Computer Entertainment" instead of "Sony Interactive Entertainment"), then just repack the rco!