vgedit - console text editor 2.0.1

Edit text files directly on the Switch

  1. key repeat bugfix

    Small bugfix to not move the cursor while holding a directional button with the on-screen keyboard up.

    Otherwise, same changes as 2.0 release.
  2. Handle larger files, cursor fixes, usb keyboard support

    This update allows vgedit to handle much larger files, adds line number and cursor fixes, usb keyboard support, and other features/bugfixes.

    New Features:
    • Line numbers along left side
    • Can load much larger text files
      • Uses SDL_FontCache for improved performance
    • New menu bar while editing file
      • Find and jump to position within file
      • Undo/redo history state tracking
    • Create new file or folder while browsing
    • USB Keyboard support
      • ...