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UniversalForwarder R1

Release notes:This is a modification of SpaceJumps forwarder.This Forwarder uses 0x81000000 as entrypoint, it's the same as LoadMii's, so this should have the same compatibility as LoadMii.It loads different .dols depending on which button is pressed, the filenames are the same as the button names:a.dolb.dolhome.dolminus.dolplus.dolleft.dolright.dolup.doldown.dol1.dol2.dolIf no button is pressed, then after 5 seconds default.dol is loaded.The folder where the .dol files are searched on sd card are defined in the main.dol in this line:#define folder "sd:/Forwarder/"So the default .dol is sd:/Forwarder/default.dol.This means that 12 different apps can be launched from 1 channel just by injecting this dol into a channel. No nunchuck or GameCube pad required.
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