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Txtwriter 0.3

I have finally gotten to a point where I am comfortable releasing v0.3 of TxtWriter. This version has intra-document editing, so you can edit and make changes at other points in the document other than the end. It also has a much spiffier user interface, and dialog boxes for confirmations and alerts. It has an updated extended keyboard and more use of the keys. The F1 key now saves a file and F2 opens the file menu so that all operations, except for delete, can be done via the touch screen.=====TxtWriter is a ... text writing program. Using the virtual keyboard, you can type out a message that can then be saved to a CF card in a device such as the GBAMP. Button assignments for shift, backspace, space, and return make typing a little easier and are paralleled on both sides for left- and right-handed people.You choose your own filename for the text files, but it only saves it to a folder named "TXT" in the root directory.

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