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Treasures of Gaia

Controls :A : Brings up menu to switch between map and satellite view with and without places of interest.X/B : scroll up/down information on the upper screen.Y : chose a place in the World Heritage list.Select : switch between Map/Picture/Text on the upper screen.Start : help.L/R : zoom out/zoom in.Pad : scroll the world map, scroll information on the lower screen.Stylus : scroll the world map, select a place on the map.Installation notes :- patch the ROM with DLDI.- put the file tog_cities.dat at the root of your linker !!!- Wifi is mandatory!Treasures of Gaia allows you to browse on your DS an extremely detailed map of the entire world thanks to Google Maps (a Wifi connection is mandatory).The whole world is now in your DS! You can scroll the map with the pad or the stylus. Use the L/R buttons for zooming in and out. Up to twenty zoom levels are available, depending on the area (Note that this cartographic engine will be implemented in DS Weather Report very soon, so you can see the weather for any part of the world, and not only Europe). The purpose of Treasures of Gaia is to let you appreciate the beauty of our world. You can freely travel where you want, but special places locations are provided: the list of the 851 places inscribed by the UNESCO on the World Heritage List for their outstanding universal value to humanity. These places are indicated on the map. To obtain information about a place, you only have to touch its location with the stylus. The information are displayed on the upper screen, where you can switch between a picture of the place, a description, or its location on a global map.You can also browse the whole list sorted by countries by pressing the Y button. When you click on a place in the list, the same information are displayed on the upper screen, and you can directly go to this location by touching the "Go!" button.

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