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TouchRight! - Featuring Terra the Pessimist!

"You know that voice inside of you head that always tells you something is going to go wrong? That's me..." -TerraTouchRight! is an addictive math game which features the use of multitouch technology. The objective o the game is to get 10 problems correct in a row by touching the screen with the amount of fingers that the corresponding answer is. No matter what you do, Terra will always be on the opposition, trying to get you to make a mistake; get the problem wrong. The game features many problems with unique answers to each.Please enjoy!DIRECTIONS: Press 'B' inside the game's main menu for directions.NOTES: +- Sorry for the bad screenshot quality, the server I'm using does that to all images... +- Please try to, when answering a problem by touching, touch in the middle of the screen and with your fingernails. (Touching with your fingernails is more responsive than with the tips of your fingers alone due to the DS's stylus-type input.)

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