Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore - NG Completed/ NG+ Ready 2020-01-21

Save File ready to start NG+

  1. coldhunter77
    This is basically for people who want to start the game at NG+ right away so they can fight the secret boss that's only on NG+, and also get the costumes and weapons are that NG+ exclusive. I have my other save files included just in case too.

    Save 1 - Random point in ch5
    Save 2 & 3 - Random Save points in ch6
    Save 4 - Large majority of Ch6 cleared.
    Save 5 - Right before final boss
    Save 6 - At the epilogue chapter

    Save 7 - Completed save file (Main story + EX dungeon), NG+ ready

    All outfits unlocked, All weapons ready to be upgraded to +1/+2, units are around 17-19 stage rank, all duo skills (including the miss-able one),
    Almost all side-quests and requests cleared, just got lazy with a few of them but they're not important ones (repeatable ones).

Recent Reviews

  1. fvig2001
    Version: 2020-01-21
    I was able to start a new game + at any difficulty. I didn't really care for the 6 other files.
  2. Reploid
    Version: 2020-01-21
    What does NG+ does?