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The Trouble with Tribbles

You control Ensign Disposable. The ship is covered in tribbles, and it's up to you to wipe them out. Your only weapon is a modified hand phaser that emits a field that will kill the tribbles. This field isn't exactly good for you either - so watch out, or you'll cook yourself, too!When you clear the first room, or you kill your ensign, you will be taken to the map screen. From here you can move back into the original room or any connected rooms (indicated by green lines). If you move into a room with tribbles, you will be taken back to the game screen to wipe them out. While you are clearing each room, the population in other rooms grows. Additionally, rooms with large numbers of tribbles will spread the infection out into connected rooms - including rooms you might have already cleared! The rate of growth and spread is blocked by the presence of the player in a room, and the rate of growth/spread is constant, regardless of how long it takes to clear the room. This is where the strategy of the game lies. Even with a winning strategy for clearing rooms, it takes a bit of patience and persistance, but if you just clear rooms at random you will probably never manage to clear every room on the ship.ControlsA Note!! these instructions say 'A', refering to the 'A' button of the GBA. Most emulators do not map this to the 'A' key on your keyboard! In VBA, the default keys are (GBA,Keyboard) : (A,Z), (B,X), (L,A), (R,S),(Start,enter),(select,backspace), and the arrows for the d-padPress and hold 'A' to use your radiation field. The longer you hold it, the stronger it becomes (represented by the brightness of the circular red field) This field also hurts you; watch the hud in the upper-left. If it is filled red, you will die. This meter drops if you release the 'A' button.

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