Tempcast #71

Tempcast #71 2022-01-11

Sometimes you have weeks when nothing really happens. Then you have weeks like this, when a ton of news both from the homebrew communities and mainstream gaming media is revealed. In this episode, we start off with the biggest controversy so far in 2022 - Microsoft seemingly out of the blue removing dev access for people who paid for it on the Xbox platform, and then doing a complete 180, not 360 as many would expect. We then discuss how GoldenEye 007 might be getting a remaster/remake (maybe?) soon, as well as two community led remakes of Resident Evil and Code Veronica. PCSX2, the well established PS2 emulator (THAT IS NOT AVAILABLE ON THE WIIU AND NEVER WILL BE, SORRY CRAIG FOR LAST WEEKS SCREW UP - Relauby), is finally getting Vulkan support, and promises to deliver better performance compared to the OpenGL renderer. Finally, we end the episode talking about PSVR2 and some rumors.

0:00 - Intro
1:33 - Microsoft clarifies stance on deactivating dev accounts
7:53 - GoldenEye 007 may be getting a new remaster
13:34 - Intermission
17:53 - Fan remakes of Resident Evil 1 and Code Veronica expected this year
23:53 - Pokémon Legends: Arceus overview trailer overview
33:14 - PCSX2 gets Vulkan renderer
34:52 - PSVR2 detailed
37:19 - Mario Kart 9 and Half-Life Alyx rumors
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