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Tempcast #60 2021-10-11

On this week's disorganized episode, the crew talks about the major Twitch hack that happened this week, and touches on the Facebook outage while discussing a new program that allows you to disconnect your Quest 2 headset from your Facebook and Oculus accounts. Also, resident Metroid fan AlanJohn gives his thoughts on Metroid Dread and resident Kingdom Hearts fan Ericzander lectures us on the KH timeline and the implications brought on by Sora's inclusion in Smash Bros. Finally, we quickly touch on some other news of the week, like the GTA Trilogy remaster finally getting announced, the trailer for the new Resident Evil movie, and the Rape of Nanjing.

0:00 - Intro
5:46 - Twitch hack
13:43 - Metroid Dread is great
20:40 - Sora is in Smash and Kingdom Hearts is on the Switch
42:33 - Resident Evil movie trailer
48:02 - GTA Trilogy remaster announced
48:48 - You can no longer use your credit card directly from your PS3 or Vita
50:41 - PPSSPP update
51:06 - Dragon Quest composer dead at 90
51:38 - Oculess is a program that lets you use a Quest 2 without a Facebook account
56:05 - Outro
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