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Take the Eggs! 1.0

Motteke Tamago with Ganbare! Kamonohashi is one of those little but enjoyable game. Your goal is to go after the eggs, collect them, let them hatch and bring back your kids to your house (and only yours if you want to get points). In the 1P mode, which is the adventure mode, you play against 3 other COM players. This mode is a little bit difficult (or more challenging) as you need to score more than the 3 other players together, being the one with the most points is not enough.

You go through 8 worlds (the countryside, the city, the desert, the forest, the ice world, the fire/volcano world, the sky and in space with aliens). You can reach all of them, even if you lose against the COM players, but you will not get the right end ;) After you completed this mode, another option (Omake) will appear on the title screen. By selecting this one, you can play at the original Motteke Tamago game from the PC-Engine. But don't forget to go to the option screen to save the game (as the game does not save automatically) else you will need to go all over the 1P mode to get the Omake option available again.

This game has also a multiplayer mode where you can challenge 1, 2 or 3 of your friends with the use of the multitap. This is where its great potential lies and you will probably go back to this game when your friends will visit you. Without this mode, the lifespan of this game is somewhat limited.

Good luck platypus!
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