SwitchGuide-Updater 1.3.0

A simple no frills Hekate and Atmosphere updater

  1. nx-hbloader/nx-hbmenu

    Updates the following content now as well:
    • nx-hbmenu (The Homebrew Menu)
    • nx-hbloader (dummy loader nsp used to access the menu from Atmosphere).
  2. Atmosphere 0.8.0/fw 6.2 compatiblity

    • Functionized file downloading (code repetition be bad)
    • Added fatal module (new in Atmosphere 0.8.0) to updated files list.
    For 6.1/lower users: Update Atmosphere first, then update your system.
  3. No you didn't miss 1.1.1

    • Add the boot2 exefs kip from the 0.7.4 release.
      • This fixes a minor issue where users that updated to Atmosphere 0.7.4 would no longer be able to see that they launched Atmosphere in the settings. Users who already updated should update again to get this kip
    About 1.1.1:

    I did a big derp and didn't properly test something when the update was already live on the auto-updater, hence why 1.1.1 is being kinda skipped.

    The program is now also on the...
  4. Self-updater added

    • Better traceback printing in case something goes wrong
    • Script now checks for updates to itself.

    It is highly advised to update to this version as it lets me easily update the script in case new files get added that are updated and not have to worry about users running older versions.