Switch SD to NSP Dumper Version 1.10

A means to dump NSPs from your SD card or NAND.

  1. Fix some major issues and the 4GiB unable to pack regression

    Version 1.10 - Jan 12, 2019
    • Fixed a regression that prevented conversion of NSPs of titles larger than 4GiB.
    • Fixed an instant crash when the required master keys to decrypt and parse a given title are not present. (It now logs on failure indicating what key is required to process the title.)
  2. Dump .nsx files when title key is not availble, add title key to .nsx when it is available.

    Version 1.09 - Oct 25, 2018
    • more ticket extraction speedups.
    • Dump .nsx file if the ticket is missing. Ticket title key will show up as "[TITLE KEY HERE]" in a hex editor.
    • Add Title keys to .nsx file and rename them automatically once a valid Title key is available.
    • Dumper will now work with Development units as well as retail units.
    (Versions 1.08 and earlier are no longer available as of Oct 25, 2018)
  3. Switch SD to NSP Dumper

    Version 1.08 - No longer available as of Oct 25, 2018
    • personal_keys.txt now only includes keys not yet in the database.
    • No longer depends on hactool or create temp files while parsing the ncas.
    • NSPs no longer have *.cnmt.xml. (This file like all of the other xml files and even jpeg files, is 100% derived from the ncas themselves, and is only used for Nintendo's lot check process before final release. (Don't bother asking for the xml files in my tool.))
    • Read tickets more...
  4. Switch SD to NSP Dumper

    Version 1.07 - No longer available as of Oct 25, 2018
    • Include history.txt
    • release zip now uniquely named
    • Added ability to retrieve Title keys from DB (Have to find the DB url yourself)
    • Added an option to dump personal_keys.txt