Switch SD to NSP Dumper Version 1.10

A means to dump NSPs from your SD card or NAND.

  1. caitsith2
    Decided to make a tool for packing NSPs from games you have legally purchased through the eShop, that avoids the need for using any CDN tools, which poses a potential ban risk to your Nintendo Switch. You just quite simply dump your nand each time you buy a new game, in order to be able to extract the tickets required for NSP packing. The first run requires getting keys.txt, which can be done through kezplez, (turn on airplane mode, backup nand, run cfw and use kezplez, then restore the nand backup to wipe the traces of having ever run cfw to begin with.) Alternatively, google for keys.txt. As it is right now, eticket_rsa_kek is not extracted by kezplez, so that currently has to be googled for.

    Change log:
    * Joining/Decrypting has been merged into one step.
    * Title Key now shown if the ticket for that title is available.

Recent Reviews

  1. Tinnetju
    Version: Version 1.09
    Great stuff, thanks for this