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Swap DS 1.0

After creating many sliding puzzle, i come back with this little SWAP puzzle. The game contain 4 modes :
- Easy, grid 4*3
- Normal, grid 4*4
- hard, grid 8*4
- Very hard, grid 8*6

In option menu, it's possible to choose :
- View good piece (on/off)
- Don't move good piece (on/off)

if "View good piece" is at ON, the bad piece using SEPIA color and good piece the true color.

if "view good piece" is at OFF, all piece using the true color and it's difficult to see the piece is at the good place.

Download : 24_Swap_DS(DLDI).zip
Copy the file at the root of the linker.

kukulcan/24/*.jpg (pictures for the swap-ds)

Using STYLUS on the game.
START = quit.
Touch one piece and second piece, the two pieces Swaped. The target is to take all piece at the good place.

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