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Super Smash Bros Brawl Hacks (PAL)

INPORTANT INFO: This is only 4 Pal (if u check your consol version, it should say '4.2E' for an example, and the E next to it means its from Eruope and Eruope is Pal)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------INFO: I uploaded a file (geckoOS) wich is like ocarina (but it works much better). Ocarina/GeckoOS is a Hack App.WHAT TO DO: if u download GeckoOS and you need Codes, download this (its a text file). Also, download Ocarina Code Manager (when u downloaded the code manager, open it up and open the text file by using the code manager). Url see all these codes (just tick the code u want on the left in a little box).Once u finished ticking the codes, u need to export to GCT. U need to choose where to export it, Export it to your sd card (removable disk) and it should export it. It should make a new folder on the root of ur sd card called 'CODES'. Now put the sd card bak in your Wii and go to hbc and open up geckoOS and launch game.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If u need help, go to dont put too many codes on, it will freaze (like if u put all player 1 codes on, it will prob freaze).

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