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Super Extreme Smile FINAL 82010

How to use:

Extract the file directly on the root of your DS or
Copy the .nds file wherever you want, then place the smile folder on the root of your card. You need the "data" folder inside your "Smile" folder.

Select - Change mode.

The game :
Touchscreen - Move
L or R - Stop Time (Use this)
Motion - Move (While time is Stopped with L or R (not with Touchscreen), DS must be vertical )
Down or B - Restart from checkpoint
Up or X - Restart from start
Start - Pause

The editor :
L or R Unpressed :
Arrows or ABXY - Move
Start - Change language in rotation
Touchscreen - Place tiles.

L or R Pressed (Top screen swapped) :
Touchscreen - Every control (Change tile, save, load, zoom, move around faster)

I would like some feedback at : [email protected]
You can also send me some maps, I would love it ^^

Thanks, I hope you'll have fun !

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