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Super Bug and Capture EMU v1.1

This is a port of a subset of the Ami/WinArcadia 11.71 emulator to theNintendo Game Boy Advance platform, for the purpose of emulating theSuper Bug and Capture games. The emulator has been optimized for speed and size. The emulation is notas comprehensive as that provided by Ami/WinArcadia, but everything neededfor adequate emulation of the Super Bug and Capture games is present(except the noise generator). Features could be added back in from Ami/WinArcadia if desired, to enable support of other games. Super Bug runs atapproximately full speed; Capture is slower. If you have any ideas formethods of further improving the speed of the emulator, please contact us. The program was written in C using HAM 2.8.0 and Visual HAM 2.4.2.Source code is included.Keys are: START: start SELECT: difficulty A: fire B: autofire on/off (Super Bug)/fire (Capture) D-pad: move L: switch game R: pause/unpause1.1: Sat 29 Jun 2009. . Emulation of the Capture game. . Autofire. . Speed and size optimizations. . Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

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