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SteamPunk AK2 1.0

Well....where to start. First, I think that the AK2 kart has finally been tamed. She's a beast but she's purring now.

Been wanting to do a SteamPunk theme for a while for myself...and here's the result. Theme was a labor of love...but pretty pleased with the results.

-Managed to MAX out the top screen for multiple animations. Again, keeping the clock and calendar.
-Figured out the nuances of maxing out the width of the progress window and increasing its height.
-Found the placement of progress window and progress bar layers for seamless animation with lower screen window.
-Custom, calendar, clock, year numbers.

All in all a great deal of work but well worth it in the end. Hope it helps the AK2 themers with their themes.

Tested with AK2 & AK2i, works as it should. (don't trust the AK2 editor as it lies, lies, lies, lies)

Thanks for looking gang.

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