South Park - Fractured But Whole 1.04

Post game save, needs all 6 (so far) DLC installed!

  1. cearp
    This is my game save, I completed the main story, it's not 100% but the extra little bits are mostly complete.
    You will need to be on 1.04 or above to play this, and I think you will need all 6 dlc installed also.
    Otherwise the save will not load.

    I don't recommend using 1.04 because I had some audio major problems (at least when playing casa bonita, to test)
    I heard 1.05 fixes this.

    This save is exported via devmenu. I have not started casa bonita or bring the crunch.
    I did (try to) play some of the danger deck - but that's not story so it doesn't matter :)
    I didn't complete any of the danger deck, it's very difficult.

    Hopefully this save works, I'm not sure if devmenu saves are decrypted, I imagine so.
    I have a checkpoint save too, but that is after playing about 5 minutes of casa bonita.
    If this save doesn't work, I'll upload my checkpoint save.

    Spoiler about a strong optional boss, just saying because I'm not sure if you can rebattle or not:
    Morgan freeman hasn't been defeated, I got him down to 0, but because this game has some bugs... he didn't die and my game just froze! That was on 1.03, I didn't test on 1.04.
    It took ages and I wasn't looking forward to doing it again!

    Any questions let me know, thanks.