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Source folder for Modified default English skin for Moonshell 2 beta X

EDIT: This specific file only works up to beta 9. The procedure is the same just use the SkinTool folder from the official Moonshell 2 distribution.This is the source and SkinTool folder for the modified default English skin for Moonshell 2 beta 6.1 to 9.The default.skn file included is the same one available here: you just want the skin use that one.This contains the same default.skn and also the source folder and MakeSkin program.To modify the skin extract the archive and edit the appropriate files inside the "default" folder. This folder contains the elements that make up the skin. Most of the graphical elements are in the PNG or BMP format. The file SCN_BG.bmp is the default screen saver background I changed to match the default background.Edit all the appropriate files to change the skin.Run makeskin_default.bat to make a new default.skn with your changes. This file can be renamed whatever you like for distribution.

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