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Modified default English skin for Moonshell 2 beta X

EDIT: This does not work with beta 10 and above.For beta 10 and above get this one: modified the default English skin for Moonshell 2 beta 6.1 to beta 9 with the following changes:1. Switched media player Pause and Play icons so they now display correctly2. Added vertical bars to the Next track and Previous track icons in the Media and MP3 player3. Changed the default screen saver background to match the default backgroundTo use it as default extract and copy the default.skn file into your moonshl2 folder. Load Moonshell and then select the option to Restore Default Wallpaper from the start button menu.To try it out put it somewhere else on your card and open it with Moonshell.If you want to modify this or make your own skin I uploaded this skin with the source files and MakeSkin program here:

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