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Smart Gamble v1.0

INTRODUCTION------------SmartGamble is the first REALLY USEFULL GBA application. To find me a way to buy the new Gameboy Advance SP, I studied a lot of material on how to beat the casino by playing roulette. Strategies on even money bets are easy to understand and fun to use. And best of all... now I don't have to work no more for the rest of my life, I have plenty of time to write these wonderful Dragon Basic GBA applications.SPECIFICATIONS-------------- The program: - Is edited with the Dragon Basic Editor v1.3, - is compiled by the Dragon Basic Compiler v1.2.3, and - is tested on VisualBoyAdvance 1.5 and on hardware GBA-SP. - Contains no copyrighted materials. - Is made to enter the Dragon Basic 32K Competition 2003, and - will be donated to the public domain after this competition. - Is an idea of, and written by Snarfo! ([email protected])HOW TO PLAY-----------After you exit the splash screen by pressing Start, the table is shown. The simulation is used to bet a certain amount of money on Red or Black. You

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