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Shooting Watch DS 2.4

** Introduction **

Welcome to my first homebrew game for the DS, Shooting Watch DS. The idea
to port the features of Hudsons device to the DS goes entirely to Triforce.
When he asked if it would be possible to help him to reproduce it, I had
realised it had been a while since I had tried my hand a coding on the DS
so why not give it a try. So here is the result after a week of a few late
nights and such. We hope you enjoy it and we plan future versions that
will include saving of your high score and maybe a wifi leaderboard if I
get the time and energy. :P

** About Shooting Watch **

Hudson's idea for Shooting Watch first came about after some kid at the
Caravan tour saw Takahashi Meijin's button pressing skills, the kid sent him
a letter asking exactly how fast his finger speed was. So they measured it
and it came out at 16 shots a second, this is where Meijin's nickname
"16Shot" was born.

Hudson then went on produce the Shooting Watch in 1987 and it was a complete
success, it sold over 1 million units. 2007 marked the 20th anniversary for
SW and to celebrate Hudson rereleased it, but only in limited quantity and it
sold out immediately :(

Because I couldn't get hold of one I got the idea to make a DS homebrew
version. I had no experience in coding for DS so I decided to ask retrohead
to help me. And thus Shooting Watch DS was born.


** Controls **

Navigate the menus using the buttons on the touch screen or the corresponding
button on the DS.

** Game Modes **

5 modes in all are featured in Shooting Watch DS to try and resemble the
original modes along with extra modes that are found in flash games found
on the internet. Due to the DS's unique feature of a touch screen, we thought
it would be good to let you navigate and play using the stylus aswell so this
has also been implemented.

Here is a breakdown of the modes included in the game:

+ Shooting This is the main mode in the game. The aim is to press
the A button or tap the touch screen as fast as possible.
If you manage to beat a certain pre-set score, you will
explode the melon which is quite satisfying and master
will show his appreciation for your prowess. See if you
can earn his respect and once you have that, you can aim
to beat Takahashi Meijin's astonishing average of 16 Shots
per second!

Pad control - Tap the A buttton to tap the melon.
Stylus - Start with the A button but once you start you
can touch the screen anywhere.

+ Clock Mode Just a simple clock that reads from the consoles internal
clock. Nothing special here.

+ Stop Watch This is a basic stop watch. The maximum time is 100 minutes
then the timer will start again. Start or stop the timer
with the A button and reset it with the B button.

+ 3 Slots Your classic slot machine with 3 reels. The original device
did not include this but flash versions found on the internet
do. We added to it by showing some fruit to improve the feel
of playing a real slot machine. There is no winning sequence
in the current version though we may add one in a future

+ 4 Slots Exactly the same as the 3 slots but a bit harder because now
you have to match 4 reels. Feeling lucky?
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