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SHizZLE (Pokemon Mini) 1.0

Title: SHizZLE - The Demo
System: PokeMon MiNi (Flashcard)
Size: 512 KBytes
Released: 05-03-27 @ BP 2005 Bingen Germany

Done for Breakpoint 05 Wild Demo Compo by Team POKeMe & friends


1) Image fade: Code Lupin, Gfx GBADoctor
2) Shizzle intro: Code p0p, Gfx ravity
3) Infinite Sprites: Code Orion, Gfx Orion
4) Wormhole: Code Lupin
5) Voxel: Code dox
6) Blobs: Code dox
7) Sine Dots: Code Orion
8) Plasma: Code Orion
9) Tunnel: Code Lupin
10) Fire: Code Lupin
11) Bumpmapping: Code dox, Gfx dox
12) Leaf scroller: Code ph0x, Gfx ph0x
13) Lens Effect: Code ph0x, Gfx rack
14) Rotozoom: Code dox, Gfx rack
15) 3D animation: Code p0p
16) Booby scrolly: Code Lupin, Gfx p0p
17) XBOX rumble: Code Lupin, Gfx ravity
All Music: Fridge

visit us at - catch us on EFNet #pmdev

-Team POKeMe

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