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THE GAME:-------------------------------------------------------------------The GBA OS have detected that the last time you switched off the GBA you didn't shut it propertly. So you have to scan the memory of the device before playing.Move the Orange Boy around the memory to scan the bits. But try to avoid the blue Boys because they have a different electric charge and can kill you.Use the side jumpers to change the level of the platform you are in. But check the color. If you jump more than n times the jumper will change to red and will break the next time you jump over it.Give them some time to recharge!If you want you can release blue Boys nano-capturers by pressing the A button and the most funny thing of the game (I think) is trying to jump over the blue Boys. I you do it propertly you are not going to be killed but the blue Boys are going to be captured and you'll have lots of points.

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