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A tool to send DS save games over wifi. Various methods of use exist though the final versions act more as webservers where earlier versions used tools like netcat.

Details:You simply start SavSend and then follow the onscreen text.After inserting a game you have two options to send the savefile:A: Upload it to a webserver from where you can download it on your computer. After downloading the savefile gets deleted instantly!B: Upload it directly to your Computer without anything between: The NDS emulates a file-server and you download the file by entering the DS-IP into a webbrowser.Usualy way B is recommented, but it somewhat fails for some persons, so I included the online-way.Changelog since the last beta:- Uploading to your PC is more stable now- Changed the textes a little bit- Changed the percent-line function to take the whole bottom- Added possibility to upload the file to an online-server to download it from there- Its possible to close the NDS-Lid to turn of the light and save some power now- Various code-cleanings

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