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Savreceiver V 0.1B


Savsender is an homebrew DS program that allow DS Slot One Linker's owner to
transfer their saves games from originals DS cartidge to any Wlan compatible
device. You can get it on its author's homepage at

Savreceiver is an XP client for Savsender that receive the Savsender sent files
and make it compatible with any linker.


Today, Savreceiver as been tested only for M3Simply/R4 Linkers and is full
compatible with them. Other features are:

- Multi Linkers (Actualy M3DSS/R4 and in test for DSLink, ask me for others)
- Multi language (Actualy English and Frensh but others are possible)
- Tutorial Step by Step included
- Easy
- Fast

- Correct English translation errors
- Correct eventually bugs
- Add other linkers
- Add other Language
- Make a configuration panel
- Make the tutorial more attractive
- Permit to use the import saves in original games Savsender's feature

How to use it

A. Install

First, download Savsender from the author's site
( )then install it on your linker
following its author's instructions.

Next, download SavReceiver from my blog ( ) and
unzip it anywhere you want.
Default language is french. If you want to use other language and if its .INI
file exist in directory, edit savreceiver.ini then change the language entry
with yours (the name of the .INI file without the .INI extension).

B. Run it
Run the Savreceiver .EXE file and it will show the main window wich contain
IP and Port inputs boxes, Linker select list, a Download button, and a Log

1. Enter your computer IP address and the Port you want to use for the transfer
(the sames that you wrote in the savsender.conf file)

2. Select the name of the destination linker for the save file.

3. Press the Download button

4. Choose the path and the file name to use for saving the save file (don't
forget the file extension)

5. Follow tutorial's instructions until the log indicate that transfer is done.

That's all.

You should get your save file easyly.


How to disable the tutorial ?
- Edit the savreceiver.ini file and set the Tutorial entry to 0 instead 1.
(set it to 1 for reactivate it)

Thanks to brettk for writting savsender.
Thanks to the Kandie Man for helping me.
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