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Samurai Kirby 6410

ok, i'm guessing there are some kirby fans out there, so i thought i'd post one of the only projects i've made that you could really call "finished". my "Samurai Kirby" is a clone of that old mini game in kirby super star for the Super Nintendo, which is called Samurai kirby, lol. but in my version, you can face not only waddle doo's and Metaknight in a game of quick draw, but some vicious Gameboy's too (and one of my original characters, Echo. i know his sprite sucks, but it was all i could do...) to face the gameboy's, hold select and press B, or to face Echo, hold select and press A, or just press start for the easy mode. when the opponent shows a sign of movement, quickly press A, then press start to go to the next challenge if you've won (if you lose, just press start to go to the GAME OVER screen and press start to return to the title screen. i hope its not too short to call a"finished project"... lol, for every 15 times i face Echo, he beats me atleast 14... i'm too slow :(

by the way, to make the opponent attack at a random time, i used the PA_RandMinMax function with 2 timers. once one timer ran out, (the "draw timer") the other one counted down (the "attack timer") and if that timer reached 0 and you didn't draw, GAME OVER! the bad guy sprite will animate just before he attacks, and that is you chance to press A. (don't press it too soon, however) hope you guys like it!

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