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RGBArcade .02

RGBARCADE V02=============To use the emulator:1) First stick the unzipped roms for the games into the correct folders. The text files in the folders show which roms are needed.2) Run the injector. Select each game in turn from the combobox, select the version you want to use, and enable it in the check box.3) Once you have the games you want enabled, click the OK button.4) The playable rom will be crapped out into the "FINAL_ROM" folder.=====================================================Points to note:1) Sound only on pacman harware games in unscaled mode. 2) Sprites in scaled modes are a bit ropey in some games. I'll fix this next time (and then add sound).3) Start and select brings up menu4) Shoulder buttons switch between config screen and last game screen.=====================================================
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