Resident Evil 2 (N64) Custom Cheat Codes

Resident Evil 2 (N64) Custom Cheat Codes 1.0

A CHT I had for personal use with custom codes I made for RE2 N64 (Rev A).
I included several custom cheat codes I made throughout the years I have played RE2 on N64

Some of the cheat codes I made are:
  • Unlock all of the EX Files right from the get go, just make sure you don't grab any or they will begin to overwrite the ones currently available.
  • All Weapons with infinite (or 254) ammo in the box.
  • All Key items required to go from the beginning of the RPD up to the end of the game, specifically tailored for a speedrun of the game (and for debugging purposes when making a detailed issue report for RE2 for GlideN64).
  • All Items in the box (Segmented into several parts)
  • Others I can't remember
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