Sonic Advance 3 100% Save File

Sonic Advance 3 100% Save File v1.0

A 100% save file for Sonic Advance 3 on the GameBoy Advance.
This save file was created using mGBA and RetroArch. The .sav can be used for the PC version of mGBA, while the .srm file is for the RetroArch core (which can be used with other emulators/cores as well).

The save file includes the following:
  • All characters unlocked (Knuckles, Cream and Amy).
  • All Chaos in each Zone found.
  • All 7 Chaos Emeralds obtained.
  • Sound Test unlocked.
  • Boss Option in Time Attack unlocked.
  • Extra Zone unlocked and beaten.
  • All songs unlocked in Sound Test.
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