Renegade_X135's Super Mario Advance 4 Super Mario Bros 3 ereader translations 2019_01_18

Collection of translated ereader levels and extras, plus tools to handle them.

  1. FAST6191
    1) The long-lost holy grail of Super Mario Advance 4: The Japanese "Mad Dash" level e-Reader file. (SMA4-J_07-A052_PR_B_Dash_de_Kakenukero!.rar)
    2) All of the unreleased Super Mario Advance 4 e-Reader Cards Translated. (SMA4_Unreleased_e-Reader_Cards_Translated.rar)
    3) All of the source files of the programs/scripts I used, along with helpful text files explaining all of the conversion data in more detail. (SMA4_e-Reader_Project.rar)
    Change log:
    Initial release.
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