1. atlanx
    PSPInstaller (signed) is an application that helps the end-user easily download and install homebrew, much like the Cydia store on the iPhone or similar stores for the Wii.

    The application was made with you in mind so steps have been taken to ensure that you can install files and play them as quickly and easily as possible.

    Should be OFW and CFW Compliant :D

    Developed by Richard Sparrow (spike_132000)
    REPOPrep by Michel Van Den Brink (justlikeed)
    PGELua 0.02 by InsertWittyName


    - Remove any previous installations of PSPInstaller from the GAME folder.
    - Copy PSPInstaller folder to your GAME or GAME5XX,6XX folder
    - If using PSPGo internal memory, ensure you change the media type to suit this.


    PSPInstaller is not and unfortunately may never be compatible with any games catagories plugin. You are advised to disable this plugin while using pspinstaller.


    If you are an H-Developer you can register your Homebrew at:

    | Homebrew running on Original-Firmware:
    | (Signed Eboots, PTF Files and Wallpapers)
    \ http://pspinstaller.co.uk/sig.php

    | Homebrew running only on Custom-Firmware:
    | (Unsigned Eboots, CXMB Files and Anything Else)
    \ http://pspinstaller.co.uk/unsig.php