pPlay 3.1

pPlay: a video player for the Nintendo Switch

  1. pPlay v3.1

    • fix incorrect screen resolution
    • improve scraper results with levenshtein algorithm
    • few fixes and improvements
    • fix for 9.0+ firmware
    • add tmdb scraper
    • lot, lot of untracked changes (ui, browser....)...
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  2. pPlay version 2.1

    • player: hide loading message and report error... on file loading error
    • player: fix http browsing of folders with the ' special characters
    • player: fix http loading of files with special characters
    • player: speedup http browsing
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  3. pPlay version 2.0: An update for a fast, stable and powerful experience

    • use mpv interface as ffmpeg wrapper (provide a fast, stable and powerful experience)
    • add external font support
    • disable automatic media info extraction thread, media info is extracted when a media is loaded
    • lot of fixes and improvements
    • update readme
  4. pPlay: version 1.5

    • enable rmvb extension support
    • increase subtitle atlas size, should/may fix truncated subtitles
    • fix pause/resume when using home button
    • fix audio synchronization when using home button
    • reset osd play button when seeking
    • allow audio frequency < 48 khz without software conversion
  5. pPlay: version 1.4

    • implement threading (major speed improvement)!
    • fix date format in status bar
    • fix status bar not hidden on timeout hide
    • set lower buffering option by default (thanks threading)
  6. pPlay: version 1.3

    • improve audio decoding (fix some audio desynchronization, most 720p media seems to works fine even with medium buffering, this also fix some audio seeking problem in some media)
    • add status bar (time and battery)
    • add crappy "pPlay" title image
    • fix some random crashes when scanning media folder
  7. multiple fixes

    player: disable screen dimming and auto sleep when playing
    player: fix pcm* audio format (unable to initialize audio resampler error)
    player: fix "unsupported sutbtitle format" error (subtitle will be disabled)
    pplay: add ftp support (ftp://user:[email protected]:port/), WIP (very slow loading time..)
    pplay: fix media information caching of long path/filename
    pplay: force loading of media information on load if not cached
  8. player: fix "VeryHigh" buffer option not working

    player: fix "VeryHigh" buffer option not working