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pPlay 3.1

pPlay is a video player for the Nintendo Switch. pPlay support most popular video formats, have subtitles (embedded ass) and http streaming support.

Official pPlay discussion thread here !
You can find more information in the (minimal) readme located here !
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Latest updates

  1. pPlay v3.1

    fix incorrect screen resolution improve scraper results with levenshtein algorithm few fixes and...
  2. pPlay version 2.1

    player: hide loading message and report error... on file loading error player: fix http browsing...
  3. pPlay version 2.0: An update for a fast, stable and powerful experience

    use mpv interface as ffmpeg wrapper (provide a fast, stable and powerful experience) add...

Latest reviews

Plays all my anime and movies I've thrown at it. Standard AVC-encoded MKV files at 720p and 1080p around 4GB in size on exFAT play just fine (Skipping ahead too far made it crash one time, but that's my fault for skipping too much at once). Excellent media player mate, thank you fully for this!!! FIVE STARS!!!
Thank you. Keep up the good work. Would love to see local network (NAS) support in the future. Then I can put my PS3 away for good!
Nice software, had some audio cutting out over network but fixed it by setting it to Very High Buffer like you said.
(embedded ass)? i have one of those!
A near kodi like experience! Very very VERY awesome! Plays my DVD rips fantastically
Very good!
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