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Pokemon HGSS Perfect Save 1.31

This is my perfect save of Pokemon HGSS. Features include:

- Completed Storyline (Credit goes to Dragoon206)
- All 493 Pokemon (Credit goes to
- Complete Pokedex
- Max Money
- All 16 badges
- All Pokemon Shiny
- All 995 Items & Key Items
- Max EV/IV for all Pokemon
- All Legendaries Lvl 100 with good movesets & Max Stats
- All Starters follow this pattern: Base Pokemon = Lvl. 30, 1st Evo = Lvl. 50, 2nd Evo = Lvl. 100. Each with good movesets & Max Stats
- All types of Arceus with okay moveset (Please suggestion a better moveset if there is one, which I know there is)
- All Alternate Forms
- Some Good Pokemon raised to Lvl. 100 with good moveset & Max Stats
- Max Pokethlon Points & Complete Pokethlon Card
- Max Mom Savings
- Max Coins
- All Safari Blocks


Shyamin, Giratina & Rotom aren't in alternate forme because the current PokeSav (.03a) does not support it.


Tested and working on my AK2.1 w/ AKAIO 1.6RC2. Compiled with PokeSav .03a & PPSE-DS r10.

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