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Pokemon Platinum - Perfect Save

If you downloaded my previous save (D/P), you will notice that Pokemon are very similar. Actually, they are exactly the same. I used PokeSav to save all my D/P Boxes and load them into a completed Platinum File. There are only a couple minor differences.1) Box 10 is missing the last 7 Alphabetical Unknowns. This is to make space for the new 7 forms of Rotom, Giratina, & Shaymin.2) If you load this SAV into PokeSav Platinum, you will find that some of the Pokemon in the Storage Boxes appear without names, even though they have a name. The space where there is suppose to be the Pokemon's name when looking at an entire box is missing. If you click Edit, you will find all the Pokemon's features, its just will not display a name. Note that the Pokemon is still fully there and this does NOT affect Gameplay. This also happened when I loaded mikekenan007's save (Orginal SAV). This reason is unknown. If someone knows why, please PM me.Features:- Game Fully Complete- All 493 Pokemon with new (and old) forms.- All Pokemon Shiny- Some Pokemon raised to Lvl. 100- National Pokedex Completed- 995 of all Items, Medicine, Pokeballs, Berries, Battle Items & Mail Items- 95 of every TM/HM- Max Accessories, Seals, & Poffins- Some Underground ItemsCredits~- jonjon95 (me) - transfered D/P Boxes, Added new forms of Rotom, Shaymin & Giratina, Edited Items- shadowboy - supplied D/P SAV with all Pokemon & Forms- mikekenan007 - supplied Platinum SAV with Storyline Fully CompletedThanks~- Thanks you both for uploading your SAVs. Couldn't have done it without you guys.Fixes~v1.1: Sky Forme Shaymin is now Shinyv1.2: Party Pokemon now have better stats & movesets (edit for personal settings)v1.3: Box 17 Pokemon (Lvl. 100) now have better stats and movesets (edit for personal settings)v1.4: All Legendaries Lvl. 100 with good movesets; see below for Arceus Movesetsv1.5: Fixes on last Upload, (Articuno & Some Arceus's not Lvl 100)v1.6: All Starters have corresponding Lvls. See Belowv1.7: Harbor Inn bug fixed; you may now enter and experience the Darkrai Event ~ Thank You Popopola for bringing this to my attention (any other bugs? ;D) v1.8: To prevent future problems, I've used the Wonder Card method (like I did to fix Member's Card) for Oak's Letter and the Azure Flute instead of just spawning with PokeSAVv1.9: Secret Key now works for Rotom Form Change; started to label SAV with version number for reference v2.0: Party Pokemon bug fixed (Max HP would decrease if you moved Pokemon from box)Currently Working On~Fixing more corrupt events ~ Fully Completing Battle FrontierArceus MovesetsArceus isn't my forte when it comes to Pokemon. The Normal Arceus has Flamethrower, Thunder, Ice Beam, & Hydro Pump to take on all Types. What happened to Judgement? Judgement is applied to Arceus's which have a plate equipped. Example: Flame Plate Arceus --> Flamethrower is replaced with Judgement. The move corresponding with the Arceus Type is the move Judgement replaces. Starter Levels1st Evo/Base Pokemon --> Lvl 30. 2nd Evo --> Lvl. 50. 3rd Evo --> Lvl. 100. All with good movesets and max stats.~ JonSAV tested & working on my Acekard 2.1 & M3 Simply. If any problems occur, please comment and I will try my best to fix.

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