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Pokemon Heart Gold.sav MAX EVERYTHING v9.9

Game 100% Finished.
----In Party----
Lvl 100 dragonite
Lvl 100 Palkia
Lvl 100 Dialga
Lvl 100 Typhlosion
Lvl 100 Tyranitar
Lvl 100 Ho-oh

---In PC--
All Rares (Lugia,Zapdos,articuno ect.)

All Items = 995 of each
All Key Items

All Areas Unlocked
All TM's 995 Of Each
All HM's 995 Of Each
995 Of All Berries
999999 (Max Money)
500000 Mom's Savings (talk to her of you need it)

Dragonite Has Every Single Ribbon From Contests.

Anyone Need Anything Else To Add, Just Comment and ill add :)

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