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PMTester (Pokemon Mini) 4

PMTester 4, Coded by JustBurn

What is PMTester?

PMTester was inspired of my GBATester, a application for GBA ive made long ago to
poke/peek some memory addresses of the GBA IO Area and that proved me very usefull
PMTester is just like GBATester, exept that is for Pokemon-Mini and GUI is different

Version 4 can trap game-Interrupts (Not BIOS ones), Power Turn off device now!

Up = Select Address
Down = Select Data
Left = Selected Bit Move-Left (-)
Right = Selected Bit Move-Right (+)
A = Set Bit from Selected Bit
B = Clear Bit from Selected Bit
C+Up = Current Selected Value + 16
C+Down = Current Selected Value - 16
C+Left = Current Selected Value - 1
C+Right = Current Selected Value + 1
C+A = Transfer Data-Out to memory
C+B = Copy Data-In to Data-Out

How to use it

First of all, you can modify values into 2 ways:

1) Set/Clear Bit
2) Increment/Decrement Value

There are 2 values that you can modify, Address and Data-Out
NOTE: Changing Data-Out dont automatically write to memory, but Data-In
automatically read from memory

How to Set/Clear Bit?

Select Address or Data, Press Up or Down
Press Left or Right until the Bit you want to Set/Clear is displayed (Bit 0 to 15)
NOTE: The Selected-Bit is displayed in Hexadecimal! (0 to F)
Press "A" to Set-Bit and "B" to Clear-Bit


Select Address to be 0x2000 (IO Address)
First of all, to set 0x2000, we need to Set-Bit 13 (0x0D):
|>Adr: 00000|
| In: 00|
| Out: 00|
| |
|Sel: Bit 0 |
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