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Pingalo 0.19

Presentation:Pingalo is a homebrew for Nintendo DS developed using the lib Palib de Molusk.The goal of the play consists in helping Pingalo to join together eggs and the babies penguins disseminated in each level in order to put them in safety.With this intention, Pingalo must use different objects, and take guard in Cochins(grand amateurs of egg omelette of penguins), its sworn enemies.History:Pingalo Beta v0.19 (13/10/2007)As it acts of my first homebrew DS I ask you to be lenientGraphics are of me, the code too.There is no badly trick has to re-examine, but that should be A can close playable.- the menu in parties is implemented but do not be useful has anything for the moment.- Problem on the level of the funds when the demo is finished and that it is started again- No sound for the moment...- Only the first level made up of 5 parts is available for the moment.I on am well opened with any subjection...Thank you to announce me bugHow to play:Pingalo control with the stylet, it moves has the place or one points since that remains in its alignment horizontal or vertical.To push an object, it is enough to point the stylet above, provided that Pingalo is right dimensioned.The pad is useful has deplacer the sight in all the level, the button L has to start again the level in progress, and Start has to pass at the following level when all the condition its filled, i.e. when all the objects required is in an output area (place of the level of a different color).The conditions to pass at the following level are indicated on the screen top.Good play

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