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Supercard EOS (Non-SDHC cards only) 1.0

Powerful new GUI
Completely redesigned the GUI can bring you a new beautiful interface. And system menus will also give you more friendly user experience, touch operation, saves time and effort!
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Real-Time-Save power up!
It increased RTS slots up to 4 individual slots. Additional, added the 3D data intelligent detection function, to improve the compatibility of 3D games so that it can be more stable. Moreover, also fast read & write speed as always.
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Hotkey Integration
Integrated the hotkey, then there is only one hotkey you need to remember. You can call out the in-game menu to use the functions like RTS/RTG/Cheat and so on. It's easy to remember and easy to use!
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Full-featured upgrade cheat function
Easy to use, compatible with popular DAT format cheat database now. It

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