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PassThrough 2600 (ATARI) 1.02


You thought it would be just another mission. Climbing into your ship, you descend into the cavern, looking for magma vents that can show you how this volcano has been made. But something is different about this volcano. Gems are everywhere and there is a temple that has a ominous air to it. Being curious, you walk inside. Looking around, you see what looks to be a giant diamond in the wall, just asking you to be plucked. Summoning your courage, you touch the stone to see if it can be removed. Big mistake. The floor begins to rumble and rocks begin to fall from the ceiling. You notice it is getting hotter. That is when you see the first flows in the distance. Scrambling, you make it back to the ship and fire up the engines. Now let's hope we can make it out before we become yet another interesting artifact to the next explorers...


The main goal of the game is to get through 10 levels before your timer runs down to zero. To climb through the levels, you need to hit the fire button when the ship is in the black space. If the ship hits the playfield, you will be sent down a few lines and 25000 points will be taken from the timer. If you get to the top of the level, you will receive 200000 points and ascend to the next level. Make it through all 10 levels and you escape, getting a score that you can brag to your friends about. Screw up, and you get zero... and cooked!


In the world of passthrough, you will see various gems. Gems will only stay for a while before moving to a new position, so if you are close to one, you may want to steer towards it. Green gems give you bonus time or beneficial effects like invincibility, a free boost up a few lines, or will cause the timer to stop for a while. Red gems, on the other hand, are cursed. Grabbing a red gem will cause your timer to decrease by a set amount, cause the playfield to disappear for a short time, cause your ship to change color so it blends into the playfield, and cause it to descend a few lines back into the level.

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